What do parents say about us?

"The children are able to participate in a wide range of activities. My very delicate, ballet dancing daughter was given an opportunity to play for the school's tag-rugby team. In a larger school I don't think that opportunity would have arisen."

"Younger children, particularly at Reception level, thrive on the support of older children. There is a well established culture of the older children engaging the younger children at playtime and all the children benefit from this interaction across year-groups."

What do children say about us?

"Going to Southrop gave me a great start. Most of all, I always felt part of a big family at Southrop and this helped me to have a go at anything that came my way."

"One of the things that was special about Southrop School was its atmosphere. Everyone knew everyone else, no matter what year they were in, so everybody was more or less friends, and in a school like that it's quite hard not to get along with everybody."