School Uniform

Pupils are encouraged to wear the school colours of royal blue, yellow and grey.  They require a pair of daps (for indoors), trainers (for outdoors), navy blue shorts and a yellow T-shirt for PE.  Royal blue or navy jogging bottoms can also be purchased for PE and swimming.  Sweatshirts, cardigans, yellow polo tops and T-shirts with the school motif can be ordered through School Trends or MyClothing.  An embroidered waterproof coat and sports hoody are also available from School Trends.  Black schools shoes should be worn. From April to October, children can wear a summer uniform of grey shorts and blue or yellow checked dresses. Sandals which will give protection to the toes may be worn.

The infants use a blue book bag, available from School Trends or MyClothing.  The Juniors can bring their own back pack or have a school one from School Trends or MyClothing.

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