Healthy Eating

Children have an excellent understanding of how to be healthy and are encouraged to eat healthily at all times. The School offers the option of hot meals brought in daily from a nearby school or a packed lunch. The hot meals menu changes every 3 weeks and is eagerly studied by the children who make careful selections from the nutritious and healthy options available. In addition, Infants are given a piece of fruit or vegetable daily at break; Juniors bring their own fruit or veg from home. The School also participates in the 'Cool Milk' scheme which enables families to purchase milk for morning break at a very reasonable cost.  

There has been a long tradition at the School to encourage children to be aware of where food comes from. Children grow herbs and vegetables in the wildlife garden and a smaller infant plot. Not only this, the children are hands-on in occasional cookery lessons which gives them an opportunity to reproduce the recipes they make in cookery school at home. 

Parents Comments:

“Mealtimes at Southrop are really structured and children are encouraged to eat all their savoury food before eating their puddings.”
“Healthy eating is clearly part of daily lessons at school because my children come home and tell me not to eat too much sugar and salt!”


Fruit & Veg

The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS) has been in operation for many years. Every infant pupil is offered a piece of fruit or vegetable every day. This is one of their 5 a day.


Pupils have a choice each day to either bring in packed lunch from home or purchase a meal provided by the kitchen of one of our neighbouring schools. The hot meals are offered free of charge to every infant class pupil under the Universal Free School Meals Government policy. There is a charge for meals for older pupils. The meals comply with the nutritional standards set by the Government and are served to the children to eat in their classroom alongside those having a packed lunch


Coolmilk provide a potion of fresh milk each day free of charge to infant pupils. These is a charge for milk for older pupils. The scheme is subsidised by the European Union.

Food Policy.

In order to encourage and parents to make healthy food choices we have a food policy.

Click to Download FOOD POLICY 2019 21 [pdf 202KB] Click to Download