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Our Vision is of a small church school, where children all know each other and their teachers really well, therefore, feeling safe, secure and happy. First and foremost, we want our pupils to enjoy life and school. We believe that this will allow them to be curious, work hard, form positive friendships and feel confident enough to relish new experiences. In our teaching and learning, we aim for excellence at all levels; we work hard to ensure that every child, whatever his or her ability, is able to realise their potential. To support this we focus each term on a core Christian value, such as “compassion” or “forgiveness”. These values are readily observable in the daily life of our community.

 Furthermore, our vision is that our school is part of a broader community where parents, pupils, staff, PTA, governors, Church and local people listen to each other with respect and understanding.

 It is our vision that we will develop strong links with neighbouring schools, the Diocese of Gloucester and other partners so that our small school is part of a varied, supportive network of educational settings, offering real choice to parents.