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All parents and teachers are members of the PTA. A committee is elected annually to represent the body and to arrange fundraising events for the benefit of the children and as a means of social contact between the members. 

Our PTA is highly active and very effective in raising funds to support a wide range of activities and resources across the school. Typical events include a Bingo Night, the Family Beetle Drive, a Beer Festival, a Jumble Sale, a Whole School Marathon, Friday Ice Creams in the Summer and the Village Fete.

The PTA members for 2018/19 are: 
Mrs Gasson (Chair)
Mr Cox (Vice Chair)
Mr Jakeman (Treasurer)
Mrs Holland (Secretary)

Mrs J McLellan (Staff representative)
Other Members:  Ms Barlow, Mrs Jakeman, Mrs B Still, Mrs Sneddon, Mrs Yalden and Mrs Verrechia .

Please feel free to talk to any member of the PTA if you have any fund raising ideas or want to help in any way.