Design Technology


Southrop School’s Design and Technology Curriculum aims to inspire pupils to become innovative and creative thinkers who have an appreciation for the design cycle through ideation, creation and evaluation. We want pupils to improve their design through drafting, modelling and testing and to become reflective learners.  Using the Kapow scheme of work we aim to build an awareness of the role of technology and design in our lives and equip pupils to have the skills to become technological innovators in the future.


DT is taught in mixed age classes incorporating 2 year groups.  We work on a two year rolling programming allowing for skills progressions across KS1, LKS2 and UKS2. Each term children will take part in 6-8 hours of DT teaching – often this is organised by using one day devoted to DT per term.

Pupils respond to design briefs that require consideration of the needs of others, developing their skills in the following areas:

  • Mechanisms
  • Structure
  • Textiles
  • Cooking and Nutrition
  • Electrical systems (KS2)
  • Digital world (KS2)



Children will be assessed against their learning objectives using both formative and summative assessments.  Children will meet the end of Key Stage expectations laid out in the National Curriculum for Design Technology.  They will leave school well equipped to continue their DT learning at secondary school.