Art develops pupils’ creative thinking as well as challenging and inspiring them to come up with and invent their own works of art. As well as creating, they will be encouraged to evaluate and analyse their own work and that of others, including learning about a range of artists and their historical and cultural significance and development of their art forms.



Each year throughout their time at Southrop, pupils will take an in depth look at 6 artists or crafts people as well as referencing various artists of note throughout the year depending on the area of study. As the pupils develop as artists, they will learn to use a range of different mediums and materials to express their own designs and creative ideas and will develop the use of a sketchbook to plan ideas.

We endeavour to give the children as many rich and diverse artistic experiences as possible for example visiting sculpture shows and encouraging local artists to work with and inspire us.


Our Art curriculum will also lead pupils to be enthusiastic Art learners, evidenced in a range of ways, including pupil voice, their final pieces and sketchbooks. Achievements are celebrated in classrooms and corridor displays, annual sculpture show.  By building in increasing connections with local arts organisations, we aim to develop our future artists and their appreciation of the art around them.